Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Sports Injury

Laser therapy is a very quick procedure that’ll barely take any time out of your day. The appointment will last for half an hour, and the treatment itself usually takes 15-20 minutes. Richmond Clinic is here to help.


Low-level laser therapy is carried out using a safe light source

(LLLT) has no harmful effects on your body.

It’s not like the lasers used in eye or cancer surgery, as it’s designed to stimulate and heal recently injured tissues and swollen joints.

For your treatment, we will use one of two possible settings for laser therapy. The type of LLLT we use will depend on your condition and the aims of the treatment, matching the power density to your needs.

Client testimonial 
I had been suffering from leg cramps and spasms for many years. After just 4 sessions of laser treatment, I could walk more than 100 yards without relying on tablets for short bouts of relief. Laser treatment was painless and even relaxing. I'm very pleased and grateful to be able to get out and about and walk a good mile without my legs hurting.

Mr T Harrison