Mrs A. Lund

Dr Patel has so much knowledge and experience.

She is always cheerful and optimistic (even when I am not)! If Dr Patel cannot help or is unable to diagnose or treat you she will tell you. My only regret is not finding her years ago.

Mr A Rudd

I suffered from a prolapsed disc; the pain was so severe that it took five minutes to get out of the car. After a couple of sessions with Dr Patel, my back was better. I have now got my life back. Where previously I felt a 100-year-old man...

I now feel an upright 40 years old and Happy.

Mr D Davies

I am a diabetic and have been coming to the clinic for check-ups about every 6-8 weeks.

Carol is always pleasant, gentle, and caring, treating my painful corns and calluses. I had a GaitScan to measure my foot pressure and the prescription insoles are far more comfortable than the hard ones I had from the hospital.

Mrs I Matthews

I had ongoing left hand and finger pains for two years...

I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome and Dupuytren's contracture and offered surgery by my MD. After two shockwave therapy treatments, my hand was more mobile and straight before it kept 'locking' with no tingling nerve pains.

Mrs P. J. Wells

I am very grateful for the excellent treatment given to me during these past 4 years.

I have chosen to continue on periodic check-ups. After a terrible accident, I twisted my spine and developed a curvature to my spine called ‘scoliosis’, which has now been straightened. I cannot praise the team enough and thoroughly recommend it to friends. My very big thank you to you all.

Mrs F Mumford

So very relaxing too...

I was referred for massage for neck and back spasms that took my breath away, giving me rib pains with sudden movements. I keep up with my regular chiropractic check-ups and go for a monthly massage. I feel brand new, free to move, and my breathing is a lot better for it. I have every confidence in Dr Patel and her dedicated team of massage therapists

Mrs Jackie Thornes

Richmond clinic has a relaxed atmosphere.

Dr Patel professionalism shining through, she is quick to diagnose problems and treat accordingly. Throughout sessions gives suggestions and positive feedback followed up with maintenance appointments. Personally I always have a feel-good factor after a visit which I am thankful