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If You're Not Feeling 100% - Please Call Us!

Thousands like you have been told there is no solution, and rely permanently on pain-relieving medication. Please contact us for support.

Are you suffering from chronic pain?

With more specialised diagnostic equipment than any other clinic in a 35-mile radius and X-rays ready in just 24 hours, we can quickly and accurately identify the cause of your pain. Our friendly, caring clinicians can provide a personalised course of treatment for you, treating your body as a whole. We hope you’ll feel at home here, and that your appointments are just as enjoyable as the pain relief you’ll feel afterwards.

Everything we do is based around our core values. Our promise to our patients is to offer a prompt, reliable service. We are approachable, friendly, open and honest. We offer a safe and high standard of professional care, treating our patients with respect in a warm, friendly, caring environment, but after a course of treatment from Richmond Chiropractic Clinic, they’re healthy, more mobile and pain-free. You could enjoy the same life-changing results.