Total Foot Health Care Clinic

Foot Health Care

Your feet are under a lot of pressure, supporting your entire body whenever you’re standing up. Whether you have corns or callus, need your nails, suffer from athlete's foot, or are a diabetic, we can support you.

Total Foot Health Care for all members of the family.

If the joints and bones in your feet have become misaligned, or your tendons and muscles are damaged, the pain may extend to your knees, hips and even your back. We can help reduce this pain if you’re already and help you avoid it for the future. We're one of the few practices in the country to offer laser Foot Health Care.

Client Testimonial
"I am a diabetic and have been coming to the clinic for regular check-ups about every 6-8 weeks. Carol is always pleasant, gentle, and caring, treating my painful corns and calluses. I had a GaitScan to measure my foot pressure and the prescription insoles are far more comfortable than the hard ones I had from the hospital."

Mr D Davies