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Understand your mind with counselling and hypnotherapy

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  • Improve confidence
  • Reduce fears, anxiety & phobias
  • Stress-free
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Unlock your innate potential

If you’re being held back by fear, you don’t have to give in. Our concerns and worries can seem overwhelming, but with the help of experienced counsellors and hypnotherapists, using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), it’s possible to gain a better understanding of your psyche. It’ll be up to you to use that information to live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Our treatments can help you feel less stressed and improve your mood. This in turn can work wonders for your body, contributing to noticeable reductions in musculoskeletal pains, reduced anxiety, improved sleep, and your well-being.

 A man speaking to a counsellor

Traditional counselling

If you’re looking for someone to talk to, rather than someone to fix your problems, counselling is the perfect solution for you. Our counsellor will simply listen to whatever you have to say, in a safe and non-judgemental environment where nothing is off-limits.

A counsellor is your tool to help you identify what’s bothering you. She may lead and direct the conversation, but she is merely guiding you to make your own conclusions and decisions.

 A patient in trance state

How hypnotherapy can help you

For many people, their psychological problems – stress, low self-esteem, phobias – are rooted in their subconscious. Counselling can have little effect in these cases, whereas hypnosis relaxes your mind and brings your subconscious to the forefront.

If you’re looking for active help to overcome your problems, hypnotherapy can be an incredibly powerful tool, as well as a pleasant, soothing experience. Our hypnotherapist can help you change bad habits, fight cravings and overcome lifelong fears.

 A happy couple

Hypnotherapy myths

When most people think about hypnotherapy, they imagine a swinging pendulum and loss of control. The reality is completely different. In real hypnotherapy, you remain in complete control, and can stop at any time.

Hypnotherapy can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. All it does is relaxes you and helps you tune out the world around you, much like a good film or piece of music. In that state, it is easier to get to the root of your problem.

 An elderly couple

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Award winning clinic
Over 9,000 satisfied patients

After the recent bereavement of my mother, losing my dog three months later, and being pounded by a difficult, demanding manager at work, life became less enjoyable and more frustrating. My wife arranged an appointment for counselling. Beverly has been very kind and patient, and has a gentle, calming listening approach. She has helped me to understand my grief and work-related issues. I feel less burdened and more confident in accepting these changing situations. I am able to enjoy my life again with my wife and son.

Mr S Godwin

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Not sure if we can help with your condition? Email us at reception@richmond-clinic.co.uk and let a qualified chiropractor tell you what we can do to reduce your symptoms.

1 of 7 UK practices with a digital thermographic spinal scan

  • Only clinic in the South East with extracorporeal treatment/shockwave therapy
  • Over 95% success rate
  • Digital foot scan and made-to-measure bespoke insoles
  • 24 hour X-ray diagnosis
  • Laser podiatry

Thanks to our 20 years’ experience and unique diagnostic equipment, we frequently get referrals from local GP surgeries, hospital clinicians and consultants.

Established in Worthing in 1993, our clients now come from Brighton, Bognor Regis and all over the South East.

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