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Staying and keeping well

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  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Nutritional advice
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements
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Aftercare and self-help

When you leave our clinic with a broad smile on your face, your treatment continues. If you really want to keep well and lead an active, pain-free life, there are things you can do to consolidate your chiropractic treatment and speed up your recovery. We will provide you with a tailor-made exercise programme, advice on diet, and supplements to support your good health and well-being, so you can continue with your lifestyle.

You can ask us about any aspects of your healthy living, and we’ll be only too happy to help. There are educational leaflets and orthotic supplies available at our reception to help you remain your healthy best.

 An orthopaedic mattress

Orthopaedic supports

Uncomfortable in bed? Why not buy a mattress topper? It’ll soften your mattress and support you while you sleep, and it’s cheaper than buying a new mattress. We also supply orthopaedic pillows.

For extra strength while you’re mobile, we provide a variety of supports, braces and belts, as well as hot and cold packs for some welcome pain relief at home. We can also help you get back into action with exercise balls, balance boards and more.

 A nutritionist going through a chart with clients


Healthy eating is a key component of leading a happy, pain-free life. Unfortunately, most of us are consuming a diet composed of unhealthy food groups that are making us overweight and over-sensitive to stress.

We can advise you about what to eat and what to avoid, helping you to draw up a plan of what to cut down on and what to increase. If you are not able to get the vitamins you need naturally, we can provide you with dietary supplements.

 A woman stretching her shoulder muscles

Self-help exercises

Staying mobile and pain-free is always going to be difficult if you don’t also try to exercise. As well as regular check-ups as recommended by your clinician, make sure that you spend a little time each day doing some gentle exercise.

Not sure what to try? We will advise you what kinds of exercises would be helpful for you, recommending exercise that won’t overstrain your healing body. We have a wide range of educational leaflets at the clinic and exercise items such as physio band, wobble board, Sitfit, press ball, gym ball and Pediroller.

 Ballet dancers practising their stretches

Good posture

Your back should have three natural curves, at your neck, middle back and lower back. Your ears, shoulders and hips should all be in a straight line at all times, with that line continuing to your knees and ankles if you are standing up.

Bad posture can multiply the weight your joints are carrying, and increasing this strain increases the risk of pain and injury. We can teach you how to maintain good posture, especially important if you spend most of your time sitting or lifting heavy objects.

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Award winning clinic
Over 9,000 satisfied patients

Dr Patel offers very professional yet friendly chiropractic care, getting to know you and your condition very well. The receptionists are all very friendly, efficient and helpful, working in a tidy and well-ordered reception/waiting area, complete with fresh flowers and interesting displays of chiropractic information and products for sale.

Mr P Patterson

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To find out more about how you can support your back, call us today on 01902 251 778

Not sure if we can help with your condition? Email us at reception@richmond-clinic.co.uk and let a qualified chiropractor tell you what we can do to reduce your symptoms.

1 of 7 UK practices with a digital thermographic spinal scan

  • Only clinic in the South East with extracorporeal treatment/shockwave therapy
  • Over 95% success rate
  • Digital foot scan and made-to-measure bespoke insoles
  • 24 hour X-ray diagnosis
  • Laser podiatry

Thanks to our 20 years’ experience and unique diagnostic equipment, we frequently get referrals from local GP surgeries, hospital clinicians and consultants.

Established in Worthing in 1993, our clients now come from Brighton, Bognor Regis and all over the South East.

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