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Increase your flexibility with physiotherapy

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  • Rehabilitation after surgery
  • Sports injury
  • Improve sports performance
  • Neuro-rehabilitation
 A physiotherapist adjusting a woman's shoulder

Manual therapy to get you mobile

Physiotherapy can help you recover from injury, debilitating illness or disability. We can use physiotherapy to treat a wide range of conditions, whether you’re recovering from shoulder impingement or a stroke.

There are different methods of physiotherapy, which can be used in combination. We’ll assess your lifestyle and overall health to work out the best treatment scheme for you, combining hands-on mobilisation with recommendations for better posture and exercise.

 A physiotherapist helping someone with their leg

At rest and in motion

You can do a lot of physiotherapy at home on your own, meaning that this type of treatment keeps going even after you leave the clinic. We’ll provide you with tailored advice to help you improve areas of your life that could be contributing to your problem.

If you’re sitting or standing with bad posture, we can correct it by teaching you good ways of improving your posture, helping you resolve bad habits. We can assist you with exercise that can play a key role in improving your mobility; we’ll help by recommending gentle exercise that will not overstress your body.

 A cyclist holding her knee in pain

Sports injuries

Exercise is essential for staying mobile and healthy, but unfortunately it can be all too easy to sustain injury, or push too hard and strain your muscles and joints.

Manual physiotherapy, sports massage, mobilisation, K-taping, core strengthening exercise and dry needling acupuncture can help to reduce muscle pain by improving flexibility. We can help rehabilitation after sports injuries such as shin splints, hamstring tears, and tennis or golfer's elbow. The aim is to re-educate with therapeutic exercise to improve muscle tone and movement, relieve pain, and aid relaxation. Speed up your recovery, get better faster, and avoid relapse.

 A physiotherapist treating a child

Rehabilitation treatment

As well as providing manual therapy and advice for exercise and posture improvements, we offer therapeutic ultrasound. This works well for deep tissue injuries, increasing blood flow to speed up healing and reduce pain, swelling and muscle spasm.

To give you extra support while you act on our exercise recommendations, we can provide K-taping therapy. This is waterproof, breathable tape that supports your weakened muscles and joints whilst allowing you full freedom of movement to continue with your sport.

 An elderly couple

2014-12-08 02:25:43

Award winning clinic
Over 9,000 satisfied patients

I went to see the physio after a painful hip and knee, unable to sit at my desk and having to move constantly to free my knee. Usually my aches and pains go after a day or two, but this terrible pain woke me when turning in bed. I stopped running in half-marathons as the pain was excrutiating. After a course of manual therapy and core strengthening exercises using a physio-band, I was able to run again without any pain. Happy to say back to the joys of running 5 miles daily.

Mrs P Baker

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1 of 7 UK practices with a digital thermographic spinal scan

  • Only clinic in the South East with extracorporeal treatment/shockwave therapy
  • Over 95% success rate
  • Digital foot scan and made-to-measure bespoke insoles
  • 24 hour X-ray diagnosis
  • Laser podiatry

Thanks to our 20 years’ experience and unique diagnostic equipment, we frequently get referrals from local GP surgeries, hospital clinicians and consultants.

Established in Worthing in 1993, our clients now come from Brighton, Bognor Regis and all over the South East.

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